Cabinet Tinting

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Cabinet Tinting & Rejuvenation 

Cabinet tinting is a great way to completely change the look of your cabinets and bring to life the style of your home. Cabinet tinting is an alternative to Cabinet Refacing & Custom Cabinetry; and in many cases can save thousands of dollars. At Signature Home Improvements we have many samples of stain colors for you to chose from. SHI is one of the only local companies to offer this unique service. The cabinet tinting process begins with the customer selecting a color that they would like to see on one of their existing cabinet doors. After the stain color selection customers are given the option to go with one or more “passes” of the color selected. The term “passes” stands for how many coats of stain is applied to the cabinet during the staining process. After receiving the sample the customer then signs off on the color and the production begins. There are many selections in stain from light to dark as well as an option to go natural and clean up the look of the natural wood. 

Process: All cabinet doors/drawer fronts will be professionally finished at our facility. Cabinet frames & end panels will be finished on site 

Step 1: All cabinet parts are cleaned & sanded to remove top coat. Cabinets with heavy poly finish may require chemical stripper and may incur an additional charge. 

Step 2: After the top coat is removed SHI will apply a uniform finish of dye stain with our KREMLIN “Vortex”.  From one to four coats depending on color. 

Step 3: SHI will then apply 2 coats of “High Solids” sanding sealer. Sanding between coats with 3m. 220 grit sanding pads. Application done with our KREMLIN HVLP spray gun. 

Step 4: Cabinet parts are cleaned to remove sanding debris. 

Step 5: The top coat (pre-cat lacquer) is applied in 2 coats giving the cabinet parts a beautiful satin finish.