Custom Cabinet Finishing







 SHI is absolutely the only K&B Remodel/Design Firm in the Austin area with its own Cabinet Finishing Facilities. SHI utilizes the same equipment, just on a smaller scale, as some of the top production cabinet/finishing companies.

Most of SHI’s competitors do not offer finishing and only offer to install raw cabinetry, leaving the inexperienced customer to do it on their own. 

SHI employs its own finishing professionals and is dedicated to the highest standards. 

 The following professional equipment is owned and operated at the SHI facility:

  1. Col-Met Professional Industrial Spray Booth-Complies with all OSHA and NFPA Regulations
  2. Kremlin Professional Spray Equipment
  3. Ingersoll Rand Industrial Compressor & Refridgerated Air Dryer
  4. Sherwin Williams Professional Cabinet Finish Products
  •      Hand Wiping Stains
  •      Dye Stains
  •      High Solids Vinyl Sanding Sealers
  •      Fast Drying Pre-Catalized Laquers