We can expertly diagnosis and repair residential and commercial sprinkler systems.

We can locate the problems and get them fixed fast. Or, if you have an old system that just doesn't work the way it used to, we can help.



  • Dry spots and dead grass - Your system is not providing your lawn with full coverage. Replace clogged or damaged nozzles and adjust spray patterns.

  • Zone won't turn on - This could be caused by a wiring issue with the field wires, an issue with the controller or a bad valve.

  • Wet spot in lawn or puddling - Most likely a leak in the lateral lines or main line. This can add up to an expensive water bill.

  • System wont turn on at all - The most common issue with new home owners and old systems. Could be caused by a number of things such as a bad controller, bad master valve, damaged field wires or a closed ball valve/ backflow preventer.